Thursday, October 22, 2015

You Will Lose Your Drivers License if You Don't Go To School

Your tired, your sick, you just don't feel like it. Those are all the excuses you hear as a parent with a high school student. Even more so here in Las Vegas as there is so much to do.

Well a law has been passed here in Nevada (SB 269) that if your teen has too many unexcused absences he/she will lose their license for a month. On the second offense it will be two months. On the third offense, the rights to the actual license will be revoked and you will have to repeat the course again and issued a new license. If they do not have a license, and have too many unexcused absences, DMV will NOT allow him/her to get his/hers license until the situation is resolved.

If this happens to your child, they will have to print out a form on the DMV website and get it signed by the school BEFORE the license will be reinstated. The law is designed to make sure kids are in class at least 90% of the time.

An actual Truant Officer will confiscate the students license on the spot and then mail it to the DMV.

There has been a struggle on how to enforce this law, the only common denominator is the said license. Assistant Superintendent Tammy Malich has been quoted as saying "Some parents in the district are disengaged" along with "Parents will drop their kids off, but these students won't attend" If you are 18 and are still in the "loss of license" restriction, you will remain so until the remaining time is up.

Malich has also commented " I am a parent and I don't necessarily need a statute that needs to tell me how to parent, as a parent. If you live in my house and I pay your bills, I don't need a statue. You won't drive to school, and not because of Senate Bill 269" 

She continues with “We're looking forward to any initiative that encourages kids to attend school, because if they are not in school, it makes it very difficult for them to pass classes and then graduate,” Malich said.

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