Friday, October 16, 2015

Unlicensed Medical Clinic Under Investigation by the FBI

This Clark County Detention Center photo of Oct. 2, 2015, shows Rick Van Thiel, 52, of Las Vegas. Van Thiel, a convicted felon in Nevada and California, ...
Las Vegas is a target for all kinds of illegal activity. But an unlicensed doctor  is not the norm. Rick Van Thiel or 'Dr. Rick' as his unfortunate patients would call him, is in custody awaiting a hearing that will be held on October 20, 2015.

The FBI, Southern Nevada Health District and Las Vegas police are actively seeking residents who received a gamut of medical services from "Dr.Rick". From abortions to hormone injections and even dental procedures. All three of these agencies called the so called office of "Dr.Rick" which to no surprise, was a Las Vegas residence.

Neighbors were evacuated by investigators as they had to call in a bomb squad at the suspects address of 4928 East Monroe Avenue. On that same day of September 30 a warranted search of the house was executed.

Apparently the patients found "Dr Rick" through websites like CraigsList with a posted ad. Also other sites called and

Don't ever go to a residential home for medical services. I know most of you would think that should be just common sense, but this did happen, so there is still a need for education and awareness. Low cost medical services are available, but if they practice those services out of their home, you should be aware, ask for credentials, ask a lot of questions and if you are still not sure, call the Southern Nevada Health District, they will be able to guide you in the right direction. All doctors must be licensed, call  Nevada State Medical Association at 702-798-6711 before you have any medical procedures done, it may save your life!

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