Thursday, November 17, 2016

Gender Identity and your Gender Marker

Does your gender identity match your documentation? Have you gone through or thought about transitioning genders, but don't know how to navigate the legality of it all?
The answers to these questions just raise more questions. Why is there a gender marker on your birth certificate in the first place? Why does the government need to identify who you are, when they do not even know you? We are not identified by our genitalia! We are identified by the person that we are! Our birth certificates, driver’s license, or passport do not define us. 
I have asked a number of my colleagues these very same questions, which has sparked some very interesting conversations. At the end of the day, not one of them could come up with a reason for a gender marker to be placed on a birth certificate or on a social security account, driver’s license, or passport. 
Sure parents’ might want to know whether to paint the bed nursery blue or pink. And your doctor’s may need to know your gender for health reasons. But the government does not - these gender markers throw up so many obstacles for people later in life.  With that said, unfortunately, we live in a country where we have to have documentation that requires us to chose male or female, but, until that binary requirement changes, I can help. 
Jeremy L. Wallace

If you would like to learn more, go to,, or the You will be amazed. 

I have been successful in the Courts obtaining both name changes and gender marker changes for the Transgender Community. You can change your birth certificate (in most States), driver’s license, social security information, and passport to reflect who you truly are. Call my office and schedule a free consultation – I will be your biggest advocate.  If you would like to learn more, contact my office at 702-478-8877.

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